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CDC To Implement BMI Passport To Enter Grocery Stores and Bakeries


CDC To Implement BMI Passport To Enter Grocery Stores and Bakeries

After seeing a massive spike of hospitalizations with COVID-19 among the obese, more than 80%, the CDC has finally mandated BMI passports to enter certain venues frequented by the overweight.

“Starting Monday, any person with a suspected BMI of over 30 will be required to show proof that their BMI is under 30,” said the director of the CDC. She added, “If you’re BMI pass indicates a number above 30, you will be denied entry to any venue that sells food. This includes restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, variety stores and cafes.”

There has been fierce opposition to this new mandate from pro-obese and pro-choice groups, stating, “this is obvious discrimination to those who can’t control their weight.” There has also been criticism that the Body Mass Index is not a reliable indicator of obesity for some people, especially short and wide people, such as Joe Rogan, who is obese, according to the BMI scale.

The CDC believes that not allowing overweight individuals to enter shops that sell food, they will continue putting on the pounds and overwhelming the hospitals during this pandemic.

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